Note: The entry form, recall form, and exit form in both English and Spanish can be customized to reflect your institution’s logo(s), program name, and disclaimer(s).  If you would like to change the title of the program (the forms currently say EFNEP and include the EFNEP logo), simply click on the image of the EFNEP logo and title, and delete it.  You can then include your program title and logo.

If you want to include your institution’s logo(s) and disclaimer(s), simply click on the Colorado State University logo image and delete it.  There is ample space to add logos and disclaimers in that area of the forms.

You will not be able to change the content of these forms.  If you are interested in including any of the 12 additional EFNEP evaluation questions (the forms currently include the required 20), please contact us and we can create a customized form for you.

English Forms


Spanish Forms