Photographs for General Use

Cwis684/ October 18, 2017/ Resources for Implementing Eating Smart •Being Active

The photos on this webpage have been made available for you to use for limited purposes.  These photos may be used solely in conjunction with activities related to the Eating Smart • Being Active curriculum such as staff training or recruitment.  Any other use of these photos is strictly prohibited.  These photos are the sole property of Colorado State University.

family basketball

A family basketball game!

kids at playground

Enjoying the playground!

cooking with mom

Preparing a meal as a family.


playing basketball with dad

Playing together as a family!


child playing basketball

Shooting the ball!

cooking with dad

Preparing a meal as a family.

skillet breakfast with eggs

Eggs Mexicali

strawberry yogurt popsicles

Strawberry yogurt popsicles.

food plate

Make fruit and veggies half your plate.

family dinner

Together families prepare and have dinner.

family bikeride

A family bike ride.

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