Eating Smart • Being Active Food Preparation and Recipe Videos

Eating Smart • Being Active Recipe Videos are step-by-step instructional videos designed to help educators and participants enrolled in Eating Smart • Being Active successfully prepare one of the recipes associated with each of the 9 Core Lessons.  The videos are available in both English and Spanish.  The Recipe Videos were developed for several purposes.  The videos are useful to educators when teaching make-up lessons to guide participants in preparing the recipe at home on their own.  The videos are an essential component of the remote delivery Eating Smart • Being Active lessons.  The Recipe Videos can also be a valuable tool for training new educators to facilitate 9 of the Let’s Cook! Cookbook recipes.

In addition to the full-length Recipe Videos, four short Food Preparation Videos are available in both English and Spanish; each video teaches a different kitchen skill.


Accurate Measuring

Washing Fruits & Vegetables

Knife Skills

These videos are often referenced in the Recipe Videos and the links to the Food Preparation videos should be shared with participants when giving them access to any of the Eating Smart • Being Active Recipe Videos.  The skills taught in these Food Preparation Videos will be useful when preparing the recipes presented in the Recipe Videos and when training new    educators.  As a stand alone resource for educators and program participants, the Food Preparation Videos can improve their food safety practices and culinary skills.