The Eating Smart • Being Active Paperwork Booklet includes the instructions and scripts for educators to walk participants through the paperwork required by the EFNEP program and some SNAP-Ed programs.  Paperwork instructions and script are not included in the lesson plans to accommodate the programs that do not use the EFNEP paperwork.  These programs can skip right over the paperwork section in the lessons or complete their own required paperwork at these times. Programs that do require the completion of the EFNEP paperwork can download and print the booklet and put it in the activity bin for Lessons 1, 2, and 9.  These lessons indicate when to get the paperwork booklet from the activity bin and complete paperwork with participants.

Download this booklet here:

Eating Smart • Being Active Paperwork Booklet (Opens as a PDF document)

Coming soon!  Spanish Eating Smart • Being Active Paperwork Booklet updated for the new EFNEP Food and Physical Activity Questionnaire.