Every lesson is accompanied by at least 1 lesson enhancement available for purchase.  The lesson enhancements are designed to help participants practice the skills they learn in the Eating Smart • Being Active lessons.  The lesson enhancements are all under $4 a piece, branded with the Eating Smart • Being Active logo and include:

  • Welcome to Eating Smart • Being Active – Cutting matCSU Extension Eating Smart Being Active training and cooking materials, January 17, 2017.
  • Get Moving! – Collapsible water bottle
  • Plan, Shop, $ave – Grocery shopping list pad
  • Fruits & Veggies: Half Your Plate – Produce brush
  • Make Half Your Grains Whole – Set of dry, stacking measuring cups
  • Vary Your Protein Routine – Cook It Safe! Refrigerator Magnet and a refrigerator thermometer
  • Build Strong Bones – Liquid Measuring Cup
  • Small Changes Matter – Set of stacking measuring spoons
  • Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active – Eating Smart • Being Active Let’s Cook! cookbook