Review Set

The Eating Smart • Being Active Review Set is a perfect option for those programs that want to review the curriculum before making the investment in materials. Each Review Set includes:

  • Set of nine core lesson plans and 1 copy each of the maternal and infant lesson plans Eating Smart • Being Active:CSU Extension Eating Smart Being Active training and cooking materials, January 17, 2017.
    1. Welcome To Eating Smart • Being Active
    2. Get Moving!
    3. Plan, Shop, $ave
    4. Fruits & Veggies: Half Your Plate
    5. Make Half Your Grains Whole
    6. Vary Your Protein Routine
    7. Build Strong Bones
    8. Small Changes Matter
    9. Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active
  • An easel binder with the small core lesson visuals in English
  • Samples of the lesson enhancements for the nine core lessons (water bottle, grocery pad, cutting mat, produce brush, set of dry measuring cups, liquid measuring cup, measuring spoons, refrigerator thermometer, Cook it safe! magnet, Eating Smart • Being Active Let’s Cook! Cookbook)
  • The worksheets and handouts from each of the nine core lessons