How to Navigate this Website

This website is called the “Resource Website”.  The other website associated with Eating Smart • Being Active is the “Ordering Website”.  You can access that website from the home page of this website by clicking on “Order Materials”.  Information about ordering materials is located on this website at Getting Started > Ordering Materials.

There are several section to this “Resource Website”:

  • About – The About section provides a general description of Eating Smart • Being Active.  An overview of the evidence-base of the curriculum is also included in the About section.
  • Getting Started – The Getting Started section describes everything you will need to get started with Eating Smart • Being Active.
    • Resources on the Website  – You are here!
    • Ordering Materials – On this page, you will learn about all of the materials that are available for purchase and how to order them.
    • Smartphone Mobile App – With the revision of Eating Smart • Being Active, customers can now access a smartphone app that accompanies the curriculum for IOS and Android.  This app is available, free, for use by programs and participants from the app store.
  • Resources for Implementation – This section of the website is a rich source of materials for implementing the program.  All materials available on this page are free to download and copy as needed.
    • MyPlate posters – Includes several versions of the MyPlate poster in English and Spanish.
    • Activity Bins Includes a list of materials and instructions for putting together the activity bins.  This section also includes some of the materials needed for the activity bins.
    • Recipes – Includes all Eating Smart • Being Active recipes in printable form, English and Spanish, for distribution during class.
    • Dairy Council Food Models/Pictures – Includes links to all printable Dairy Council Food Models/Pictures.  These models/pictures are used in several of the Eating Smart • Being Active lessons.
    • Graduation/Volunteer Certificate Templates – Includes templates to use with the Certificate Paper for both graduation and volunteer appreciation certificates.  Available in English and Spanish.
    • Physical Activity – This is the page where the Eating Smart • Being Active Physical Activity Training Videos can be accessed for free.  These videos are designed to assist program leaders in training their staff on the physical activity segments.  The videos can also be accessed by front line educators for learning and practicing the physical activity segments.
    • Music – Includes suggestions of music with appropriate pace for leading the Cardio Pyramid with Warm-Up.
    • Warm, Welcoming Environment – Includes printable items that are suggested in the Educator Guide for Implementing Eating Smart • Being Active to help create a warm, welcoming environment.
  • For Program Leaders
    • Program Leader’s Implementation Guide – This guide is designed to help program leaders implement Eating Smart • Being Active.  It is a booklet that can be downloaded and printed.
    • Paperwork – Printable copies of the program paperwork for use by our EFNEP program in Colorado are available here.  You are welcome to use and/or modify any of the forms as you find useful.  Forms included here are Microsoft Word versions of:
      • EFNEP Entry and Exit forms in English and Spanish
      • Research cover letters in English and Spanish
      • Photo release forms in English and Spanish
      • Physical Activity liability release forms in English and Spanish.
      • Also available on the paperwork page is a booklet that walks educators through completing paperwork in Lessons 1, 2, and 9.  These instructions are NOT included in the lesson plans.  These booklets can be printed and put in the Lesson 1, 2, and 9 activity bin.
    • Training Resources – The Eating Smart • Being Active authors are nutrition educators and we are committed to training our staff well.  This training page includes tips for training your staff of the implementation of the revised curriculum and training videos for the physical activity segments of the lessons.