The Eating Smart • Being Active curriculum now has an accompanying smartphone mobile app!  The app is available for free in the app store (for iPones) and google play (for Androids) – just type Eating Smart Being Active into the search function of the app store and it will show up.  The app is designed to allow participants to use some of the skills they learn in class between lessons and after they graduate from the lesson series.  The mobile app includes the following features:    screen shot of app with border

  • Physical Activity
    • Instructions and GIFs or videos of all the physical activities in Eating Smart • Being Active are included so that participants can learn and use these activities at home.
    • A physical activity tracker helps participants track their progress towards their fitness goals.
    • A step tracker in the app is connected to their phone’s step tracker so they can see how many steps they take each day.
  • Recipes
    • All of the recipes from the Eating Smart • Being Active Cookbook are on the app along with a photo of the prepared recipe so that participants can make the recipes at home.
  • Unit Price Calculator
    • The app includes a unit price calculator so that participants can easily and quickly calculate unit prices at the grocery store to determine the best price between two similar products.

Using the ESBA app from Colorado State University on Vimeo.

Often times, Eating Smart • Being Active classes are taught in locations where participants don’t have access to WiFi and the participants have limited data on their phones.  When this happens, they may experience difficulty downloading the app for the first time.  We have developed a handout that educators can give to participants that includes instructions for downloading the app when this scenario arises.  This way, participants can download the app at a later time when they have access to WiFi.

Downloading the Eating Smart • Being Active Mobile App for iPhone Handout – English

Downloading the Eating Smart • Being Active Mobile App for iPhone Handout – Spanish

Downloading the Eating Smart • Being Active Mobile App for Android Handout – English

Downloading the Eating Smart • Being Active  Mobile App for Android Handout – Spanish

We plan to expand on the app and add additional features based on usage and feedback from customers.  Please let us know your feedback by contacting Susan Baker at